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Sophie Price is a Seattle singer/songwriter, composer, producer, and sound designer for film and media. She earned her Bachelor's of Music in Music Education from Queens College and a Masters of Music in Composition for Film from The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program. Sophie has composed in a wide array of genres including dramatic pieces for orchestra, music for horror, singer-songwriter folk music, children's music, music for podcasts and more. Sophie also records and produces music in Seattle.  She released her debut solo album, "Even Birds," December, 2021 and recorded/produced Vashti Summervill's debut album, "Put My Love in a Picture" set to release September, 2022.


Sophie composed the original score for the award winning film, "The Graveyard Shift." Most recently she worked with Chicago comedian/actor Colin Dowda to design sound and foley as well as compose three original songs for his upcoming film, "Mixed Signals." 

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